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Here's an e-mail we just received from our e-lottery management congratulating Neil on his outstanding achievement to become the first ever Affiliate to reach Senior Director level.

Neil has worked hard to build his affiliate business and now it's all paid off.

Further PROOF that this business can truly make your dreams come true.

Congratulations Neil!.

Would YOU like to join this fantastic business?

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The New Affiliate, offering advice and tips for wannabe new Affiliates

Johnathan Prince offers this learning resource for anyone wanting to learn the art of Affiliate Marketing. Find the best tools and resources along with the products to avoid like the plague. Johnathan Prince reviews on line business tools and weeds out the rubbish from the quality. He tells it like it is, honestly with no B***S***.Check it out!

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Remember, there is no pressure on you to get people to play. If you just want to play the smarter way yourself that's ok, some people do, its entirely your decision. However, as you know this way of playing greatly increases your chance of winning the lotto you will find people actually thank you for introducing them to the concept.

See what these professional experienced network marketers are saying

"I have been in business for 38 years. This is the easiest and best concept I've ever known.”
(Noel Adams - 38 Years experience)

"Networking heaven!... This is as good as it gets"...
(Ian Orford - 23 years experience)

"It is the most exciting company I've seen in 20 years of networking on both sides of the Atlantic."...
(Malcolm Horsey - 20 years experience)

"Nothing has excited me more than VWD..."
(Ray St. Claire - 15 years experience

You play the lottery, your friends and family probably play the lottery so why not show them a better way to play.

That's how I started to build my downline and the cool thing is they started to spread the word around their friends too which resulted in my team growing rapidly.

As an affiliate you have access to a wide range of marketing products such as business cards, flyers and even DVD's which can be handed out to people who don't have internet access.

I have business cards which I carry with me all the time. While I'm out and about I make a point of asking people I meet if they play the lottery. Regardless of the answer I hand them a card anyway because usually they will be curious and have a look at the web site.

I've even recruited a few people at the local shop where they were buying their tickets over the counter. I already know they play the lottery so I will say something along the lines of :

"Hi, I noticed you bought a lottery ticket, would you be interested in finding out how you can increase your chances of winning."

Most people agree they would so I just hand them my card, point out my website address and phone number and ask them to have a look. Its that simple.

Do I make it sound too easy?

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eVo-lution Day is Coming

What is eVo?

Just received an e-mail about a new and exciting business opportunity for which many great affiliates and business opportunists are signing up. Its called eVo, and its been 2 years in the making by the people who brought you the highly successsfull eLottery Syndicate.

The e-mail contains a pre-launch info pack for existing members of the E-Lottery syndicate, to enable them to gain an advanced foothold in this tremendous opportunity to create a massive income before it's made available to the general public.

As you know if you have read my previous hubs the E-Lottery Syndicate has over 147,000 members in more than 133 countries. These members have now been awarded their own eVo web site free of charge to enable them to cash in on the latest, most powerfull, money making enterprise on the internet.


I am making it available to you now BUT BE QUICK!

The web site has been running just 1 week and already in the first 3 days

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If you are a network marketer, home business operator or on-line gaming enthusiast you WILL want to be part of this

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See for yourself. You will kick yourself if you don't

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With a record jackpot of £42 million GBP the UK National Lotto is one of the worlds richest,lump-sum, tax-free lotteries.

Its played twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, and both draws are televised live on the BBC.

When you join as a player member, you are instantly allocated a place in a 49 player UK Syndicate and e-mailed a virtual E-Lottery Membership Card

The card shows your 5 Lotto numbers randomly picked from 1 to 49 which are entered automatically in every Wednesday and Saturday UK Lotto draw for you

After each draw your numbers are automatically checked and your winnings are sent directly to you by your preffered method.

You will be sent an e-mail informing you of the numbers drawn on each day and, an additional e-mail will be sent should you have matched any winning numbers informing you as a winner and asking you to log on to your web site

If you've played the UK Lotto before, you're probably thinking

" Hang on a minute. The UK Lotto is played with 6 numbers from 49, not 5 "

And you'd be right.

Thats the clever thing about the only need to play with 5 numbers.

This is because your 5 numbers, "Main" numbers we call them, are combined with a variable 6th number in a strict mathematical pattern - so you know before every UK Lotto draw you're going to match at least 1 number.

So with one less number than normal to have to match, your chances of scooping a top prize increase from 1 in 14 million to only 1 in 1.9 million
a 702% greater chance of scooping the jackpot !

Now Thats What I Call An Advantage!

Another great thing is you will qualify for a prize when you match only 2 Main numbers.


For this System to work requires 44 ( no, not 49 as you might think) single line entries in each UK Lotto draw

This means you have 44 chances of winning in every draw! With draws on Wednesday and Saturday thats a remarkable

88 Chances of a Win Every Week


The 44 entries in every draw harness the capability of whats called the systems MULTI - WIN METHOD

Incredibly, when you win, you never win just one prize..... You win up to 44 prizes!


An Example of the Multi-Win Method

Wednesday 6th June 2007

If you played the UK Lotto on this particular date on your own and matched 4 Main numbers you would have a better than usual win of £103. Not bad eh?

Not as good as the E-Lotto Syndicate win you would receive which would have been £211.71, more than double!

HOW DO WE ACHIEVE THIS MASSIVE DIFFERENCE? matching just 4 "Main" numbers this revolutionary system gives you :

2 Lines of 5 Ball wins AND 42 Lines of 4 Ball Wins

Now, because of the unique way the E - Lottery Syndicate works, the TOTAL PRIZE FUND for our 49 Syndicate Members was a MASSIVE £10,374 for matching just 4 numbers!

Divided equally between the 49 Syndicate Members gives an individual prize of £211.71 each ,

Thats £108.71 more than you would have received had you played on your own.

Still not registered yet?

Check out our Main E-Lottery web site here now and you can have a free entry to win £1000

What are you waiting for?......You have nothing to lose, it wont cost you anything to look and you
will have a chance to win £1000 for free .......but most importantly.... it could quite possibly
change your lifestyle forever!


The cost to play the EuroMillions lottery using the E-Lottery Multi-Win Syndicate System is £5.00 per week, but with a little help from your friends you can play it for FREE.

To play the Euro Millions lottery on your own requires you to select 7 numbers.

You need 5 "Main" numbers in the range from 1-50, and you also have to pick 2 lucky star numbers between 1 and 9.


You will be placed in a Syndicate of 39 players , and get allocated 5 randomly generated main numbers between 1 and 50.


The Syndicate system gives you 36 entries consisting of 5 main numbers

Every lucky star number combination between 1 and 9 is covered by the system.

When playing on you own you must match at least 1 main number and 2 lucky stars or 2 main numbers and 1 lucky star to win.

You get NOTHING for matching just 1 or 2 main numbers .

However with the E-Lottery Multi-Win Syndicate System if you match 1 or 2 correct main numbers you will win a prize.
The syndicate automatically produces a 1 or 2 star winning combination for any number of correct main balls...... Sound confusing?

Check out the demonstration HERE

Seen the Demo?

Good now you understand why its called
The Multi Win Syndicate :-)

Below is an example of an actual Euro Millions Draw result on 23rd February 2007

Match 1 number & 2 stars £5.80
Match 2 numbers & 1 star £6.10
Match 2 numbers & 2 stars £11.60
Match 3 numbers £13.20
Match 3 numbers & 1 star £16.80
Match 3 numbers & 2 stars £32.70
Match 4 numbers £82.30
Match 4 numbers & 1 star £130.60
Match 4 numbers & 2 stars £1,966.00
Match 5 numbers £52,721.70
Match 5 numbers & 1 star £161,010.40
Match 5 numbers & 2 stars £19,003,239. (Jackpot)

The jackpot was not won on this draw :-(

Now, if your syndicate had matched 5 main balls in this euromillions draw you wouldn't have just won £52,721.70.

Your syndicate would have won the Jackpot of £19,003,239. plus 14 x £161.010.40. plus 21 x

That's a total Multi Win of £22,364,540.30
(22 million three hundred and sixty four thousand five hundred and forty pounds!)

Divided by the syndicate members it would mean YOUR share would be £573,449.75

A little bit more than if you had played on your own dont you think?

I think this proves what I have been saying, you will win more money, more consistantly by playing in our Syndicate than if you play on your own.

Check it out here Multi Win Method Explained

P.S Before I forget, I've noticed a lot of hits from abroad so just to let you know the Lottery web site can be changed to a variety of languages to make it easier to read.

Go on Live a Little, Its Free and you just might WIN